What Causes ED?

Erectile dysfunction is very common. 52% of men suffer from it in one form or another and 57% of those who report dealing with it are between the ages of 40-60. What’s worse, 80% of it goes unreported because men aren’t comfortable discussing it.

What Causes ED?

While various medical and health conditions may contribute to Erectile Dysfunction, what keeps you from achieving and/or maintaining an erection is a lack of blood flow.

As we age and deal with any number of medical or health conditions, blood vessels lose their elasticity and become smaller, preventing blood from flowing in and forming or maintaining an erection. So even if you’re mentally aroused, it’s like trying to blow up a tire made out of steel instead of rubber. There’s no flexibility, so the blood vessels can’t expand.

Pharmaceutical Treatments

Most pharmaceutical treatments work by interacting with proteins that help your blood vessels relax, allowing blood to flow more easily. The problem is that you need to keep taking the pills because your blood vessels go back to their original, constricted state once the pill has worn off.

Supplement Alternatives

Supplements are great but are not well standardized. They may work for some but won’t work for all. Those that have an effect operate in the same, short term way as prescription medications. Once the nutrient or chemical has worn off, you are back to square one.

Injections & Suppositories

There are some men who are reliant on injections in order to have and maintain an erection. If you had another option to improve this wouldn’t you? Suppositories, no thank you.