How Our ED Treatment Works

At Michigan Vitality, we believe in taking a more natural and longer-lasting approach to Erectile Dysfunction treatment.
One that treats the core issue for more than a few hours at a time.

Our treatment uses ultrasonic sound waves, a noninvasive treatment to improve ED.

The Treatment Equipment

During your 20 minute, in-office procedure, we use a small hand-held device to deliver small, high frequency acoustical (sound) shockwaves to the tissue. It feels like a light tapping sensation, but we apply a little numbing cream to ensure complete comfort. You can even feel it on your hand during your free consultation.

Under The Skin

These soundwaves regenerate blood flow and, over time, encourage the development and growth of new blood vessels.

Number of treatments

Every client is different in how many treatments they would need in order to obtain their goals. Depending on your age and medical conditions it may take more treatments in order to have an optimal outcome. To achieve optimal results, we recommend at least 6 treatments which can be given in as little as 2 weeks.

Proven Results

Any man seeking enhancement and better sexual performance will benefit. Statistics show that patients who have had at least 6 treatments said the results are better than the short term fix obtained with pills or injection-based erectile dysfunction treatment.

After Treatment

Men who receive this treatment report fuller, stronger, and longer erections.

No Side Effects

There are no significant side effects to our treatment. It does not affect a man’s ability to have children and the majority of men have continued improvement through 2 years. And even if you’re not suffering from ED, it will improve your performance with increased firmness and can increase libido along with improving your refractory period (The ability to have another erection after orgasm).