Proven Clinical Treatment Results

This shock wave therapy treatment isn’t a new trendy gimmick and the treatment results speak for themselves. It has been the go-to ED therapy in Europe for over a decade and is now helping men all over the United States.

After 6 sessions, men see truly amazing treatment results.

  • 80% report “Improved Erectile Function”
  • 72% report “Improved sexual performance”
  • 72% report “Improved ability to engage in sexual activity”
  • 82% report “Increased size and fullness of erections”
  • 67% were able to stop the use of Viagra or Cialis
  • 82% responded better to Viagra or Cialis

Case Study 1


56 year old patient with hypertension on blood pressure medication and erectile dysfunction.

Before Treatment

He tried testosterone replacement therapy but still required the use of Viagra or Cialis and his SHIM score (erection rating scale of 1-was 25 where 25 is best score) was 18 with pill use.

After Treatment

His SHIM score was 23 and no longer needed to take a pill.

Case Study 2


70 year old man with long history of hypogonadism (inability to make testosterone).

Before Treatment

He was on testosterone replacement therapy and had been at the max dose of Trimix (an injection directly into the penis for ED) for two years that was minimally effective.

After Treatment

The Trimix became effective at a low dose and has been so for 4 months.

Are you ready to do something about that nagging problem and get on with your life?